NVIDIA GPU under volt (undervolting)

I was mining ETH almost half a year with my NVIDIA GTX 1060 rig, but was not really clear how to under volt NVIDIA gpu, by default it takes less power so I did not pay a lot attention for it. But I tried once limit power of all my rigs and for NVIDIA is pretty simple, you need just MSI afterburner and the result surprised me! 🙂

At firs set settings in MSI afterburner to show voltage and enable voltage control.

After that, in opened afterburner, chose gpu what you want to undervolt and click Ctrl+F. You should see chart of voltage and frequency. You have to set couple of points in a row. In my example I am setting 1720mhz with 862mV. GPU works stable and hash rate is not impacted for ETH mining.

After setting the curve close the window and click Apply in afterburner and you should see changes in core voltage.

Note: you should set number of points in the way that voltage stays stable. For example not jumping from 862mV to 1000mV or etc., if it is jumping set more point in a straight row. And do not set too small voltage for high frequency gpu will crash.

And the result is less ~10-20w per GPU, it is relay good result, I think 🙂

by default this gpu for core used ~1000mV and power consumption was about ~100W.

Good luck for everyone.

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